1. Is Arbitration Right For My Business?

    Disputes with vendors, employees or customers are inevitable for most businesses. However, litigation for resolving such disputes can be both time-consuming and costly, resulting in time spent in court rather than in the office. As a result, most businesses seek alternative solutions such as arbitra…Read More

  2. Why the LLC Operating Agreement is Important?

    No matter the size or industry, running a business is incredibly difficult, and depending on how your company is formed, there are legal ramifications you must consider. This is why lawyers recommend that companies draft operating agreements for protection. In New York, it is recommended that every …Read More

  3. Why You Want an Attorney to Review Contracts Before Signing Them

    Most business owners-- no matter what type of business they manage, are prone to committing legal mistakes. However, this doesn't mean that it's something one can't try to avoid. They key is to be familiar with these pitfalls, especially when dealing with agreements. Here are some of the most common…Read More