1. What Kind of Business Should You Choose?

    When people think of businesses, chances are they think of either corporations or sole proprietorships. But there are many different types of companies and company structures available for the business owner. What type depends a lot on what may make the most sense for you.  Let's look at what's ava…Read More

  2. New Laws in New York for 2016 that Affect Businesses

    With every new year comes new laws that go into effect in New York. Some of these laws will affect businesses, so it's important to know what laws affect you. Here is a rundown of things you can expect in 2016. Death and Taxes We all know that we can rely on death and taxes, but the tax side is chan…Read More

  3. NYC’s New Commuter Benefits Law

    As of January 1, 2016, covered employers in New York City are required to offer commuter benefits to certain full-time employees. Commuter benefits enable employees to purchase eligible transit on a pre-tax basis. This pre-tax deduction benefits both employers and employees by reducing taxes to be p…Read More