You may be buying or selling an investment property or you might be seeking or selling a treasured home. Whatever your situation, Sutton Sachs Meyer’s attorneys are experienced and on call to help with your real estate transaction. Our attorneys facilitate all steps in the process — from contract to closing, and everything in between.

We support individuals and families across a wide spectrum of transactions involving real property. With many combined years of handling cooperatives, condominiums, and houses, our team of attorneys can also guide you as you work with lenders, 1031 qualified intermediaries, estates, and more.

Our mission is to anticipate any legal hurdles, to prepare the client for them, and to apply our experience and diligence on behalf of our client. The client is thus empowered to move through the transaction with the kind of information and support that optimizes decisions and negotiations en route to the culmination of an agreement.

The return on investment can be quite significant because we work to leave no room for future surprises after the closing is complete.

Solid, Effective Representation

Our clients’ satisfaction is the basis of our law firm’s solid reputation, and it is precious to the attorneys at Sutton Sachs Meyer.

We have established a successful track record representing many property owners in New York City and throughout the region.

We are keenly interested in, and avidly follow, important developments at the nexus of law, the real estate industry, and the subject of allocating taxes and other financial responsibilities between buyer and seller upon the transfer of real property. We have presented a range of related topics at real estate brokerage houses.

Wherever your New York or New Jersey real estate plans take you, know that the experienced lawyers at Sutton Sachs Meyer are here and ready to advocate zealously for you and your legal interests.

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