1. Why the LLC Operating Agreement is Important?

    No matter the size or industry, running a business is incredibly difficult, and depending on how your company is formed, there are legal ramifications you must consider. This is why lawyers recommend that companies draft operating agreements for protection. In New York, it is recommended that every …Read More

  2. Why You Want an Attorney to Review Contracts Before Signing Them

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  3. LLC vs S-Corp – Which One is Right for Me?

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  4. How A Business Lawyer Can Help You

    It takes a very entrepreneurial spirit and a real go-getter to get a small business up and running. A startup company is a very hard thing to get started. However, if you do it right, then you can be very successful with a startup. It is important to know all of the legal ins and outs of starting a …Read More

  5. Start Your Business Off Right

    As the backbone of the American economy, small businesses play a major role in the everyday activities of Americans. From restaurants to grocery stores, small businesses are everywhere. So it is no wonder that many people dream about owning their own small business one day. For those ambitious few, …Read More