1. What Makes Sutton Sachs Meyer Better Than The Rest

    What Makes Sutton Sachs Meyer Better Than The Rest?

    There’s no doubt about it — finding a lawyer is complicated enough. Factor in the extra difficulty of finding someone in a large city like New York City and it gets even more difficult. Not to worry, however, because if you have been searching for a real estate lawyer in NYC, Sutton Sachs Meyer …Read More

  2. What Estate Planning Documents Should My Elderly Parents Have

    What Estate Planning Documents Should My Elderly Parents Have?

    Creating an estate plan is an important way to ensure that everything from your assets to your end of life care is handled exactly the way you want it to. If you don’t come up with a legally binding plan, the local government will take over instead and the end result might not be a fulfillment of …Read More

  3. Finding the Right Attorney For You In NYC

    When it comes to picking the right lawyer in NYC, it can feel like an overwhelming task. With a city as big as ours, there are numerous options marketed and law firms around every corner. With so much legal help surrounding you, how does one choose the right lawyer? Today we are going to dive into s…Read More

  4. Top 5 Estate Planning Mistakes

    Whether you are young or old, having an estate plan can help ensure that your family is not left unprepared and that your assets aren’t handed off to someone you never intended to have receive them. The right estate plan will cover an array of important aspects in the case of your death or an illn…Read More

  5. Common Issues With Commercial Leases

    When it comes to navigating any type of lease, there are many pitfalls to avoid. Commercial leases, in particular, are complex legal documents prone to a variety of mistakes. If you are looking to create a solid commercial lease, be sure you have the help of an experienced NYC real estate lawyer on …Read More

  6. When Do You Need a Business Lawyer?

    There are many worries that come with owning your own business. Whether it is placing orders to restock your inventory, handling your employees, or another one of the many responsibilities that plague entrepreneurs, there is also the added burden of having to know whether or not you need to hire a b…Read More

  7. Introducing Sutton Sachs Meyer PLLC

    Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Current, Past and Future Clients, In order to keep pace with the growing needs of my clients, it had become necessary for my firm to strengthen its resources to meet this demand. Because of the growing complexities of today's laws, a high level of expertise in many diff…Read More

  8. Power of Attorney – What is it and Is it Enough?

    Power of attorney (POA) is a document that grants a specific person, called an agent, the authority to make important decisions on behalf of another person, called the principal. There are many different kinds of power of attorney. The scope of the authority the principal grants to the agent can be …Read More