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The Importance Of Copyright Protections In New York

Copyrights are an essential piece of intellectual property that you may rely on to protect your business. Vigorous and thorough copyright protections are a necessity for any business dealing with creative work in any way. You need to understand the law so you can better protect your interests.

At Sutton Sachs Meyer PLLC, our lawyers have experience in all matters of intellectual property disputes. Copyright law is always complex, and in New York City, where many make their living as artists, the laws are even more complicated. We understand how to pursue infringement and can help you.

Pursuing Damages For Infringement

The main way you will protect your copyrights is through the pursuit of damages against any infringing party. Anyone who uses your intellectual property without a license or permission will be liable for damages such as:

  • Lost income to you
  • Any income generated from the use
  • Punitive damages

Depending on the nature and extent of the infringement, the individual or business responsible for the unauthorized usage may end up owing extensive damages.

Civil Litigation Attorneys On Your Side

Resolving issues that arise in civil litigation take time and especially when those matters involved copyright law. While there are some basic principles that guide the major matters, there are many technicalities and loopholes that can impact your case. We have a reputation for thorough, principled service to our clients. We can help you though the complex registration process at the U.S. Copyright Office and pursue any infringement we find.

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