In some situations, business clients can be helpfully served by legal advice and representation in labor and employment law matters, apart from issues requiring litigation. Labor and employment law is not static. The pitfalls of not knowing can be serious.

In May 2017, a nationally unprecedented provision regulating independent contractor relationships took effect in New York City. It affects the many businesses that have contracts with parties who are NYC-based, and may have unanticipated consequences for these businesses.

Employers should occasionally review the terms of employment agreements in general, and take special care with hot-button issues such as employee confidentiality and proprietary rights agreements.

Vesting restrictions for restricted stock purchase agreements are also important to devise carefully, as many startup founders know.

Because changes in employment regulations happen frequently, employers are well advised to review practices, not simply their corporate guidelines.

The need applies at the federal and state levels. Even as we watch for federal deregulation in employment law, we are seeing more protections extended by states.

New pay equity laws have come to New York, and local provisions for paid sick leave have taken effect in New Jersey. Employers should also keep apprised of provisions pertaining to harassment and discrimination, and schedule predictability laws. Developments must be understood, given their serious impact on many New York and New Jersey business owners as well as their staff.

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