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Four Common Property Dispute Issues

A property dispute is a disruption, whether your property is commercial or residential. Owning property is supposed to be a sure thing in terms of profitability and stability, but a dispute can put that at risk. That’s why you need help.

At Sutton Sachs Meyer PLLC, our attorneys have extensive experience with all types of real estate litigation across Manhattan. We are diligent and confident lawyers who can explain the law to you and build a strategy. While every property dispute is unique, some of the most common issues we face are:

Easement Disputes

An easement is when the municipality or state declares that one party must allow use and access to a section of their property. Often, this is necessary to access remote parts of a property or for commercial purposes. However, whichever side of this issue you are on, whether you need an easement or dispute the necessity of one on your property, we can assist you.

Adverse Possession

In New York, when someone uses part of your property, they can take possession of it legally. However, there are strict rules around this, and the person claiming adverse possession has to have used that property as if they were the owner for more than 10 years. Additionally, they would have to reasonably think they own that property – a concept statutorily known as “hostility.” Hostility can make it much more difficult to successfully pursue adverse possession.

Adverse possession, also called “encroachment,” is a major issue between neighbors and one that can greatly impact the relationship and investment into the property.


Related to issues of encroachment, boundaries are extremely important, and a great deal of time and effort can go into securing your property line. When there are disputes over the exact placement of a boundary, surveyors are often the first call. Unfortunately, the issue may not end there, and things such as falling branches or misplaced structures can and do cause lasting issues between neighbors.

Fake Deeds

A fake deed is exactly what it appears. However, the problems caused by a fake deed can last a long time. If a fake deed is old enough, if it has changed hands multiple times, you may indeed run into issues such as adverse possession or boundary disputes or any number of other issues. Whether you were given a fake deed or are dealing with the fallout of one on your property, we can help.

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