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Surrogate’s Court Litigation

It is not unusual that beneficiaries to an estate or those who receive notice yet are not named as beneficiaries, assert a claim that a will or other key document is unclear, the result of undue influence or diminished capacity, or fraudulent. In some cases, beneficiaries claim the administrator of the will is failing to adhere to fiduciary duties.

Estate litigation may be inevitable. That’s when Sutton Sachs Meyer PLLC represents clients in Surrogate’s Court.

In the case of a contested will, we marshal the facts, evidence and witnesses, examine the parties and represent the client in estate litigation.

Sutton Sachs Meyer PLLC represents clients in kinship hearings and also handles cases in which a client’s relative died without a will. We can represent New York or New Jersey clients in disposition of real property or contents of a safe deposit box, or in discovering missing estate property.

We assist clients in enforcing their rights as surviving spouse or a person who must demonstrate to the court their identity as an heir. We also handle cases involving guardianships of minors, and cases involving mentally disabled survivors.

To bring a case in Surrogate’s Court to completion, we also guide the client through accounting.

We work with the client, or the designated personal representative for that client, and proceed with care and diligence at every step to ensure the proper distribution of assets.

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