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Plaintiff And Defendant Representations

Our attorneys at Sutton Sachs Meyer PLLC have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases in federal court and in New York and New Jersey state trial courts.

Some matters involve obtaining fair yet modest payments, while others have millions of dollars at stake.

Personal Injury Cases

We can represent clients who have suffered car accidents; redress harms resulting from toxic chemicals or defective products; or handle cases pertaining to drugs, medical or nursing treatment, or worksites. We can also defend parties wrongly sued for such injuries.

Construction Defects

Construction defect disputes may arise between subcontractors and general contractors, developers and architects, construction companies and landowners. We take cases involving defective work, and also delayed or unfinished work. Claims may involve stores, real estate development, or public works. We have experience in negotiation and in litigation to redress the losses inflicted in these cases.

Premises Liability

Our attorneys have a deep familiarity with the statutes, ordinances and codes that come into play in premise liability cases, as well as in the general practice of tort litigation. Whether it’s a slip-and-fall, an animal bite, an injury inflicted by broken machinery or unruly customers, we zealously represent clients facing or submitting the claim for damages.

Employment Claims

Courts and administrators often change the way employment law unfolds, so our attorneys keep abreast of federal and state case law and administrative law. Ramifications for the parties can involve losses in time, in money, and in public goodwill. Quality legal advice can make a significant difference in the outcomes of employment disputes.

Creditors’ Rights

Our attorneys work with clients in cases involving judgment enforcement and creditor collection. Know your rights when working with wage attachments, property liens and levies, or assignment orders including anticipated assets through tax refunds, annuity payments, or life insurance valuations.

Focused, Cost-Effective Advocacy

We are proud to assist in all of the above situations with advocacy that rises to the needs of each client. When you’re in need of legal help, our team is the one to turn to.

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