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Employment Disputes

In today’s computerized business world, handling employment disputes professionally can mean the preservation of more than money. It also curates reputations and widely held opinions about individuals and businesses.

Well-informed legal advice is critical in the all-too-common scenario where serious disputes arise between employers and staff.

When Litigation Makes Sense

Our attorneys at Sutton Sachs Meyer PLLC represent clients in employment disputes stemming from a variety of circumstances. These may include, among others:

  • Breach of an employment contract
  • Disputes involving the validity of a non-solicitation or a non-compete clause for an employee or contractor
  • The protection of sensitive information, customer data, or trade secrets
  • Contested HR decisions or termination
  • Guidelines and procedures involving the law on sexual harassment and workplace discrimination
  • Disputes over loan repayments, wages or commissions

We represent plaintiffs and defendants in court cases involving alleged violation of New York and New Jersey statutory employment statutes, the Fair Labor Standards Act, or both.

Compliance: Protect Your Business

We counsel corporate and individual clients in drafting and negotiating employment agreements, and on the employment agreements in play during the buying and selling of the assets or control of companies.

Sutton Sachs Meyer PLLC can also advise your company on compliance with up-to-date employment law and policy – in New York and New Jersey, and nationwide.

Avert Future Problems

Our law office can undertake analyses of your compliance hotspots, such as arbitration clauses or restrictive covenants in employment contracts. When you’re in need of legal advice, turn to an attorney from Sutton Sachs Meyer PLLC.

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