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Commercial Litigation

Commercial disputes can happen to anyone, despite the parties’ best intentions. They occur notwithstanding long-term efforts to ensure a smooth operation and goodwill between and among everyone involved.

The party at the dispute’s other end might be a franchisee or vendor, a competitor or a partner. Arguments arise between directors and stockholders. The issue can be a breach of contract, an allegation of employment discrimination, or a claim for recovery of property or money.

Parties facing partnership and shareholder disputes need representatives with excellent legal skills, as these disputes can seriously disrupt or even break a company. The issues can involve a variety of claims of breaches of fiduciary duties.

Some of the most complex cases our attorneys will handle are those involving embezzlement and fraud — requiring exceptional legal acumen at the federal level. Perhaps more common are cases in which intellectual property is disputed, purchases or joint ventures break down, or debts are at stake.

Our Attorneys Work Extensively With Commercial Cases — Before Arbitrators And In Court

We represent parties in commercial cases before agencies, in arbitration or mediation, and in New York and New Jersey courtrooms as well as in the federal court system. We also handle complex commercial dispute litigation at the appellate level.

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