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Contract Disputes

“I don’t understand this irony ― valuable things like cars, gold, and diamonds are made up of hard materials; but most valuable things, like money, contracts, and books, are made up of soft paper.”― Amit Kalantri

Contracts. Few things are more valuable in the sphere of human interactions. Legal actions over terms of employment, arguments between buyer and seller in real estate deals, instances where communication breaks down in the purchase of a business or in everyday commercial transactions … What do they have in common?

Typically, all will implicate a breach of contract between the parties who originally agreed to it.

A contract is an agreement, offered and accepted between parties who know something of value is at stake in it. When someone relies on another to perform as promised, and that doesn’t occur, the parties will work out the dispute, or they’ll take legal action to enforce the contract. Most enforceable contracts are in writing, but some aren’t, and not everything in writing is enforceable.

When you are dealing with a disputed agreement, our experienced civil litigation attorneys can see to it that your rights are identified and enforced.

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