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Business Purchases And Sales

Whether buying or selling a business, it’s best to have liability issues reviewed early — and by a legal team with solid experience in the area. Our attorneys at Sutton Sachs Meyer PLLC can represent the seller or purchaser of an operating business, whether the buyer is purchasing some or all of the seller’s assets, or making a stock purchase and thereby acquiring a company’s debts as well as its assets.

Our attorneys advise and support clients at all steps of the process, determining the documentation required, prerequisite to the transfer of contracts and loans, the handling of trademark issues, trade secrets and provisions for sensitive corporate data, and the transfer of deeds, as well as HR matters.

We can also advise on letters of intent between buyer and seller, and the formal agreement to complete the sale. We make the document-laden closing process straightforward. And we pride ourselves on smoothing out, or preventing entirely, those glitches in documentation and communication that slow the sale of a business.

Our team has experience in closing hundreds of business sales in New York and the U.S. Northeast. We are well-versed in sales involving international buyers and sellers, and up to date on the effects of state, national, and international policy changes.

With the attorneys of Sutton Sachs Meyer PLLC on their side, our clients enter into any transaction equipped with our wealth of knowledge in business law. We’re experts in due diligence and contract negotiation. Additionally, we represent many of our clients in commercial real estate leases, purchases, and sales.

It’s our personal attention to each client that cultivates lasting relationships, and an excellent reputation for successful sales of operating companies. We cordially invite you to contact us if you’re planning the purchase or sale of a business.