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Estate And Trust Administration

Our attorneys help clients navigate New York and New Jersey probate and all aspects of estate and trust administration.

We have the experience and expertise to do the following:

  • Work to avoid litigation that increases the distress faced by surviving family members
  • Prepare for the possibility of court proceedings where necessary
  • Work with the financial advisers who assist executors and trustees throughout the distribution of assets
  • Assist with all personal and fiduciary tax concerns and filings
  • Assist clients in averting disputes in advance, through the effective titling of property, designation of beneficiaries, and establishment of revocable trusts

We support clients in resolving creditors’ claims against the estate, ascertaining rights to unclaimed income, and distributing assets to heirs.

Effective Estate Tax Planning And Resolution

Our legal team will advise the client on structuring generation-skipping taxes and exemptions. We are available to coordinate and work with the client’s tax adviser to ensure that final income tax returns and trusts are correctly prepared and help to optimize legal deduction opportunities.

As a rule, the estate of a spouse who passes first must preserve a tax exemption in order to relieve the surviving spouse of estate tax obligations. We support the client in the filing of all returns and in applying for estate tax refunds. Our attorneys can review cases in which the statutory period for refunds may remain open, under current IRS provisions extending the time-frame to elect portability.

For complex tax disputes, we are able to represent clients in IRS audits and before judges, including in the federal tax court.

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