Whether a business is a multinational firm or a solo entrepreneurship, some of its key assets are intellectual property (IP). The category can encompass mottos, logos, and taglines, designs and methods, written pieces, works of art, and more.

Our office can advise on intellectual property planning as well as disputes. Our attorneys work with businesses on registration and enforcement, whether through the US Patent and Trademark Office, the US Copyright Office, state statutes, or international provisions.

Protecting Identity and Contributions

By acquiring a familiarity with a corporation’s mission and day-to-day work, we become able to recommend effective ways to manage, market, and protect the unique knowledge a business can bring to a field. We can advise and represent business clients in delineating and shielding their rights in many forms of intangible assets.

We also offer counsel on the boundaries of non-compete clauses, trade secrets, and legal relationships with independent contractors, including issues in intellectual property transfers.

Knowledge at the Nexus of IP Law and Business Sales

With the combined knowledge of our team of attorneys, we are uniquely positioned to spot issues at the nexus of IP and litigation, antitrust, buying and selling, outsourcing, and franchise issues.

Whether a business is undertaking strategic alliances, mergers or acquisitions, IP rights are vital. We assist clients in risk management as they:

  • Navigate terms of service;
  • Enter into, or issue, software- or technology-related agreements;
  • Create licensing agreements; and
  • Negotiate deals involving intangible property.

We also offer legal analysis of the marketing strategies and designs proposed for a company’s use.

Contact Sutton Sachs Meyer for a Consultation Without Obligation

If you require advice on trademark or copyright registration or infringement, or best practices in the use of intellectual property, call us at 212-480-4350 to discuss our role in assisting you. An attorney from Sutton Sachs Meyer would be glad to speak with you.