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Development And Construction

Sutton Sachs Meyer PLLC represents a wide clientele, including contractors and vendors, as well as owners and developers in development and construction cases.

We provide outstanding representation in projects involving industrial and commercial sites, multifamily developments, and single-family homes.

Our law firm is also pleased to extend our legal services in drafting and serving mechanic’s liens, as well as enforcing them, and vacating liens filed by contractors and others against the client’s real property.

Our attorneys provide full litigation support for construction and development firms, and also offer representation for property owners in negotiations or arbitration proceedings, and in insurance matters.

We are available to work with property owners and developers on licensing agreements and trust fund matters, or architectural and construction permits and contracts.

Building Client Satisfaction Through Knowledge And Leadership

Our lawyers’ track record of representing property owners in New York and New Jersey is our strength.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our attorneys undergo continuing legal education in construction and real estate law – and we also offer it as legal educators ourselves. On a continual basis, we interact with other legal experts and policymakers in our region, staying at the leading edge of case law, and changes in regulations and policy, as they mesh to affect the real estate developer’s environment.

Call Sutton Sachs Meyer PLLC at 212-884-9727 or let us know about the project at issue through our secure web portal. We will then arrange a complimentary consultation with you, to discuss the legal representation you require.